Happening _ Dream to be a dancer

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幾天前,無意間看了部紀錄片 - 芭蕾首部曲 First position。劇情以一年一度的美國青年芭蕾大賽展開,紀錄了其中六位參賽者舞台前後的生活紀實。劇情內容我就不在這多說,這部片有個溫馨的大結局,但真正吸引我的原因,是那個華麗、殘酷又極富熱情的過程。

就在我重新回到舞蹈教室練舞後,我發現生活也變的動感起來,有種無可言喻的快樂。像熱戀的感覺嗎?有點像,不過多了些自由。練舞的過程和趣事日後再慢慢和大家說 。

I'm still recovering from my flu, so I'm not doing much these 2 days except thinking about dancing, one of my favorite workouts. There is so much I freaking love these photos. Because I feel pretty and happy when I dance. There's nothing better than getting to be around those that make you feel your best without even trying. The chill of winter is in the air. Stay warm. We talk later. xo

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