Fitness _ Move it Mondays _ 健身教會我的一堂課

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為了訓練核心肌群,這週挑戰難度極高的flip and reverse動作,除了有點腦充血的感覺,加上腹肌背肌尖叫抗議外,感覺還是愉快的(但這幾天都不太能捧腹大笑,有點折磨人:)。

One of the coolest parts of practicing my fitness life is the chance to meet so many talented and good-hearted people. It always starts with a mutual appreciation of each other's lifestyle, and it all just sort of grows from there. I am a lucky person to have these amazing people around. 

Here at my boxing studio, one of our main topics of conversation is what workout we’re into at the moment. Everybody has their favorite – but the one thing we can all agree on is that alternating our routine is key. Not only does switching up our sweat sessions provide the best results, but the diversity keep things interesting so we don’t think about quitting half way through! 

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