Fitness _ Sweat it forward

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我非常喜愛跳舞,姿勢挺會擺,不過跳得差強人意。但我就是喜歡往舞蹈教室跑,持續去感覺那些讓我開心的瞬間。運動健身和保持健康飲食對我來說也是一樣,開心才去做, 認真和自己說話,用最輕鬆的狀態維持平衡。


仔細去感受自己的身體和心理,在接收大量的網路知識和專業建議之前,你就比較能做出正確的判斷。健身教練說,每週只能有一天的treat day,但是這星期我給了自己5天,因為我感覺目前自己的身心狀態很需要。(呵 ... 我覺得神清氣爽!)

Just wanted to share with you guys some moments of my sweat sessions last week. Some of my friends have been asking a few fitness questions frequently : "I don't have time to workout every day", "I can't afford a PT", "I love food too much" etc. 

You don't have to workout everyday or need a PT to get fit and you definitely don't under eat. When you make eating healthy and being active part of your life long term you don't have to worry about having the odd treat or not being able to exercise for a period of time. Find what works for you and stick to that! Don't be afraid to have treats but try to have nutritious food most of the time if you want to feel your best. (I do a treat week currently. YES, a week:)

This is my lifestyle and for me it's all about balance, feeling good and enjoying myself.

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