Happening _ Back to glam

#chanifit #大稻埕 #我健身不節食

#chanifit #大稻埕 #層次很重要

12月,聽起來總是讓人愉快地想跳舞,就像香檳酒杯碰撞的聲音。是的 ,parttttttyy....time!!不論我有多愛我的古董級 boyfriend 牛仔褲,還是凌亂當有型的法式編髮:) 在這個歡樂月份,建議大家都來練習 Anne Hathaway 上身的感覺;)


1. 古董蕾絲洋裝
2. 裸色麂皮高跟鞋
3. 濃密纖長的睫毛
4. 酒紅色騎士風皮外套
5. 天然絲兩件式睡衣

For a girl who loves a French messy bun, a basic white tee and a pair of vintage blue jeans, it’s funny to catch me in just a deep plunge midi dress and extreme platform leather heeled shoes. But you know, it feels good to wear these things every now and then. It’s like when you work hard all week and decide to go out drinking all weekend. You know, a fashion mania sort of situation. Especially the dress fits like a charm. That’s enough to keep me smiling, red nail polish or no nail polish at all.

So here it is, top 5 glamorous items every fashion girl needs (in my opinion):

1. Vintage lace mini dress 
2. Nude suede heeled court shoes
3. Long and fabulous eyelashes
4. Burgundy leather moto jacket
5. Sleep like an angel PJs