Happening _ Some of My Vintage Pieces

#我的五分鐘出門造型 #chanifit #lovevintage

ASOS mini dress
Vintage Leather Biker Jacket
Vintage Whiting&Davis metallic evening bag
Converse All Star leather shoes
H&M bangle

Happy Monday you wonderful people. So winter is officially over, although it still doesn’t feel like it here in Taipei. But sunny days will be here soon enough I know. Here are some snapshots from the first day of Spring. 

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希望你們有個愉快的星期一,美麗又有品味的讀者們。上週末,台北的天氣總算放晴,趁著閨蜜過來晚餐前的空檔,穿上我最愛的老件,從事我最愛的休閒活動之一 ... 逛超市:p (買了些沒有嚐試過的食材,我陸續在寫新菜單,下個月慢慢和你們分享)

#chanifit #最愛健身和買菜

#古董小包裡放了一個大環保袋 #chanifit